This year's work

This year's work

This year has been a fine balance between two important commissions and my work for the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Early in the year I was invited by Mike Adams, the CEO of Purple Tuesday (and a dear friend from school days) to create this year's visual for the international disability awareness charity. With the permission of MFPA, I created this image which will be auctioned in aid of the MFPA Trust Fund, which helps young people disabled people to flourish in the arts.

A collage style painting, with me painting with a brush in my mouth at the centre, surrounded by  an inaccessible gallery, a ramped train, a paint tube, fireworks, Canary Wharf, and several disability related symbols.

More recently, I have completed a personal commission for a friend, of himself and his late wife. I was very glad to be able to get this ready for him before Christmas. 

I have also done a set of paintings for the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, I'm looking forward to doing a bit more experimenting with different media this coming year. Here are the paintings that I completed for them this year:

A grid of six paintings, all landscapes, in pairs vertically. The three on the left from the top are a beachscape, a cloud study, and the northern lights, the right-hand three are all snowscapes with snowmen.

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